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2011-02-22 23:59:31

How to Go From 0 Realtors® to 400 Realtors® In Three Years

Allison James Estates and Homes® opened its doors on January 3rd of 2008. Since that day, Allison James Estates and Homes® has had over 700 Realtors® join the company.

How did Allison James Estates and Homes® do it?

There is one answer to this question - besides having a good product, at the right time, in the right economic environment.

RECRUITING:  That is the answer for every Real Estate Brokerage in the country. Many years ago I had a very big player in the industry say to me, “There isn’t a management mistake that can’t be fixed by recruiting.”  I’m one of those few who believe this with every ounce of my soul. I believe like Dave Liniger did, that you can never, ever have a negative recruiting month. If you do, you’re dying not growing.

RECRUITING:  This is our expertise at Allison James Estates and Homes®.  We live and die by it. Every decision is made in relationship to recruiting. If you are part of the company and you don’t put recruiting first, you’re not worth a bucket of warm spit. We can find hundreds of thousands of good people. It’s the recruiter who is a rare bird.

We do almost all of the recruiting, with the help of our Realtors®, from the corporate office. We want our Brokers to keep us legal and we know that most Brokers aren’t great recruiters. We worship the Broker that joins us and is also a GREAT recruiter.

So we at the corporate office take on the responsibility to grow our Broker’s operations by recruiting.

The day we opened Allison James Estates and Homes®, I started calling all the brick and mortar 100% companies around the country, knowing that over the next three years they were going to struggle. What has amazed me is that I originally spoke to over 300 such brokerages. Many of them had 250 plus Realtors® when we had none, or just a couple. At the time they couldn’t be bothered with an upstart like me.

Now three years later, fully one-half of these 300 Brokerages no longer exist, and the rest are a memory of their former selves, having shrunk by half or more. I shared with all of them that we could not only save them but we would put our recruiting expertise behind them and build them into a highly profitable machine. Ego and Pride is what took them down.

Now we are the Number One Virtual Real Estate Brokerage in the country.

You must never ever stop your recruiting efforts for even an hour. My son jokingly tells me that on my tomb stone he’s going to place the following saying. “How Many Realtors® Did You Recruit Today?”

Also, when you recruit as hard as we do, you can’t be afraid to walk from a bad situation. We made mistakes in the beginning with some Brokers, so we shut down some areas. Talk about nerve racking!  Still, there was no excuse for a negative month, even when we made those decisions.

The corporate staff has learned the hard way how serious I am about recruiting. Those that didn’t contribute are no longer with us.

So I say to every Real Estate Brokerage out there. To survive you must recruit.  But, if you can’t recruit and want to survive, you need to pick up the phone and call Allison James Estates and Homes® today.

James A. Crumbaugh III is the CEO and Founder of Allison James Estates and Homes® and can be reached at

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