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2011-07-28 17:04:57

How To Create A Powerful Brand With Simple To Do Video

Michael Krisa aka That Interview Guy® interviews Top Agent Dave Chomitz who shares one of his video strategies that has created great brand awareness and more clients at the same time!

I was invited to speak by Nelson Goulart of GMAC to do a presentation on how Realtors can be implementing simple to do video into their marketing mix to:

  • create brand awareness
  • position themselves as the “Celebrity Authority” in their niche
  • generate more clients
  • make MORE money

One of the guest attendees was none other than Dave Chomitz who is a top agent with Royal LePage ProAlliance in Cobourg, Ontario Canada.

Dave is someone that gets it when it comes to monetizing simple to do video in his real estate practice and is masterful at showcasing the lifestyle of the retirement community he specializes in.

Here’s the thing … his videos are NOT Hollywood style professional – in fact at times they are sort of shaky because he is walking and talking while shooting the video.

Dave doesn’t use any special lighting, cool editing effects or even expensive video gear … BUT … when you watch one of his videos it feels like he is speaking Right To You.

That’s the magic to a really good video – you feel as if you are in a one on one conversation with the person on the other end of the camera.

Enjoy the video and please be sure to leave your comments!

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