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2011-09-08 11:48:28

How safe is internet banking

Internet Banking is just like revolution in banking field. It has automated all the manual tasks and has brought innumerable advantages to consumers but the question still remains in our mind how safe is internet banking. The answer is it all depends upon you and your bank.


Hereby, we present you tips to keep fraudsters away


•Do check URL of bank website and if you find anything suspicious then do report to nearest branch.


•Never enter your user id and password or any confidential information without ascertaining that you are on right website.


•Check internet banking policy of your bank as in some cases banks have enhanced security measures i.e. if the money exceeds particular sum then you need to enter your confidential details again.


•Keep changing your passwords at least once in a month and don’t keep your passwords as easy as anyone can guess you can include certain alphanumeric characters to make password difficult to guess.


•Keep your operating system and browser up-to-date with latest security update.


•When banking session is over then do log out.


•Install a firewall to prevent hackers from any unauthorized access.


•Updation of anti virus software is must.


•Today many banks have last logged in panel; from there you can check if there is any irregularity and if you find any then do report to your nearest branch.


•Don’t leave your PC unattended while transacting.


•Phishing mails may attack you but be careful don’t provide them your confidential information.


•While logging on many browsers will provide an option to save your username and password but don’t click on auto save option.


•If you have numerous bank accounts then avoid using similar password for every bank account.


•The major mistake anyone can make is accessing internet banking option through cyber café or through public computers. It is biggest threat to your confidential information.


• Do check for closed padlock symbol in browser while entering your confidential details.



Thus, Internet Banking is quite safe and secure if and only if you understand its nitty gritties and remember the old adage “Precaution is better than cure” hence use the above mentioned tips.


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