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2011-11-15 05:03:52

2012 Housing Market Forecast

The question most real estate investors often ask is, "Where do I invest now?"

As always, there are local housing markets around the country where homes are affordable, the underlying economy is strong, and appreciation is imminent.  These are markets you should consider for your next long-term real estate investment.

Norada Real Estate Investments tracks the economic conditions and real estate trends of nearly 400 markets across the country.  Because of the dynamic nature of real estate market conditions, we continually monitor and rank the top markets to make it easier for you, as an investor, to concentrate on the areas that will give you the greatest opportunity for success.

While you might be inclined to look for bargains in areas that have seen the largest price corrections in the past, watch out – there is no guarantee that home prices in areas of high speculation will ever rebound to boom levels.

Unlike the stock market, local real estate markets usually move in slow, predictable cycles. Appreciation is not luck or magic. It correlates closely with economic development and population growth in a local market.

If you missed out on Phoenix, Vegas and Florida (or if you rode those waves and know what it’s about), download your free copy of the 2012 Housing Market Forecast.

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