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2007-08-01 08:01:00

Homepoint Facilitates Fee-For-Service Real Estate with ACRE

Mollie WassermanA collaboration between the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate™ (ACRE) group and Homepoint will provide a platform where sellers can order the marketing products they need from Homepoint and combine those with the specific fiduciary-level services they want from an ACRE™ real estate professional.

“The concept is to give the consumer the opportunity to harness the power of the Internet to do some functionary tasks themselves while developing a relationship with a consultant from the get-go to handle the vital fiduciary tasks and provide the representation and counsel that is so needed with today’s complicated real estate transactions” says Mollie Wasserman, ACRE™ Founder and author of the new book, Ripping the Roof off Real Estate. “Consulting offers the consumer what they’ve wanted for years: responsible choices that give them real value for their money, rather than shoddy, discount service, yet provides the real estate professional the compensation that is worthy of the skills, experience, and expertise that they bring to the table”.

Adds Chad Pinson, Managing Director at  “With HomePoint’s new consulting packages, sellers have options, creating a happy medium between ‘going it alone’ as a seller, and being forced to buy a whole package of services, payable only by commission when they might only be in need of limited or specific real estate agent services.” Homepoint’s marketing options include one hour of counsel from an ACRE™ real estate professional to be used however the seller wishes, such as setting the right price, staging the home, or assistance with contracts and other paperwork. ACRE™ agents can provide additional counsel and services on an hourly or activity basis, depending on the seller’s needs.

Real estate consulting connects skilled agents with involved consumers to maximize the motivations of both.  Agents are fairly compensated for their time and expertise and consumers pay for only the services and guidance they need to successfully complete their transaction. ACRE™ members go beyond the traditional model to make themselves available on a consulting basis to home buyers and sellers, who pay the agent on an hourly basis or as a pre-negotiated fixed fee.

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