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2007-08-10 16:56:00

HomePerks Launches Online Real Estate Incentives Tool

HomePerks reward catalog allows consumers to redeem "Perks" points for products including home furnishings, retail gift cards, vacation packages, and consumer electronics from name brand has announced the launch of the HomePerks Rewards system, a web-based real estate incentives sytem that allows real estate sellers, agents, and other professonals to provide tangible real estate incentives through the online distribution of "Perks" points that are redeemable towards merchandise from an online catalog of more than 10,000 brand name products.

"HomePerks Rewards empowers agents, builders, and other professionals an opportunity to offer real estate incentives to stimulate business," said Brian Columbus, founder and CEO of the company. "Incentives have become a highly effective lure for both consumers and professionals in the current real estate market.

"HomePerks Rewards is an essential marketing tool to help real estate professionals and private sellers market properties in the current residential real estate market," he continued. "Incentives have proven themselves as a extremely effective tool to stimulate sales activity and help individual properties and service providers stand out from today's crowded market. The HomePerks Rewards application allows our customers to create cutting edge marketing programs including: lead generation, consumer rewards, agent and customer loyalty programs, and referral programs."

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