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2010-12-02 20:06:39

Homeowners are fighting back

"Some of the nation's top trial lawyers have banned together and are secretly beating the banks.  These are the lawyers who previously represented these very banks; the lawyers who -- for years -- have gone to Court and "ended the madness" for many clients; the lawyers who know their way around the courthouses better than anyone.  Already, these lawyers have filed a mass joinder case in 2009 that remains pending against Bank of America (and Countrywide) and includes thousands of Californians.  This case is now going national.  These lawyers have invoked laws and procedures the banks were previously unaware of, and Bank of America is getting beat at their own game because of it.  Two weeks ago, the Bank was forced to admit that it had been defrauding the government in foreclosing on mortgages nationwide.  Furthermore, on October 4, 2010, the Honorable Manuel Real of the United States District Court called the Bank's primary argument "absurd" and kicked the Bank out of Federal Court.  The case is now proceeding in the trial court, and the mass joinder of plaintiffs from around the Country is expanding.  It may be that the Bank is unable to recover under any of their promissory notes, or that the Bank has made other errors that will cause other penalties to be levied against them.  


Currently pending or contemplated to be file in the Superior Court of California, in the County of Los Angeles are the following cases: Bank of America, GMAC, JP Morgan/Chase, WaMu, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, OneWest Bank, IndyMac, Citibank and other lenders.


This is obviously excellent for homeowners but can also assist attorneys and loan modification companies as they can use the litigation as an escape from the loan mods.


As of 11/08 the attorney's have decided to offer this to the general public, as a result of my relationship with one of the law offices. I have been afforded the opportunity to assist in marketing this program. If you wish information regarding these stunning developments, or should you wish to be considered for involvement in this action, please call Harold Lear 858-945-1047, Client Relationship Manager


FYI: todate - 1 home free and clear and 9 NODs torn up by the court, all foreclosure efforts on B of A homes involved in the suit are suspended.


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