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2011-10-21 22:11:45

Having Problems with your short sales?


Besides managing our own clients listings we are a full-service negotiating company as well. Our primary job is to obtain approvals at the lowest price possible and in the quickest time frame. There are three typical reasons why short sales usually fail; the length of time it takes to obtain the approval, financing, and sales date. When you have  a company who can control all three variables your short sales are more likely to succeed. Our main obligation is to obtain the short sale and make yours and your clients daily life schedule as easy as possible. We can manage all paperwork that’s needed, negotiate the file and also set appointments if your client is still living in the home.


We have dealt with nearly every lender out there. Ranging from Bank of America to First Horizon. We have all short sale lender forms and guidelines so we know what they are in need of even before they ask us for them. We have full on successful experience in HAFA short sales and also CO-OP programs.


With every file we negotiate we charge a $995 fee if there is only one lender. If there is a second lien holder than we charge an additional $495.Most of the time the selling agent or the buyer will pick this fee up or split it with you if you state it in the listing’s private remarks.  If we can’t get you an approval after 90 days, we’ll negotiate for free.  All we ask for is to use our preferred escrow company to make life easier for us. Keep in mind that the fee’s we charge are not upfront fees. We will only get paid if your file closes and when you get paid.


The service we provide to Realtors is very beneficial. As we all know short sales can consume your whole day. Why waste time negotiating your own files? You can use that time to find more client and obtain more listings. A lot of companies can proclaim they can do work such as ours. But with our proven success record we can turn that statement into a fact. Just look at this link below.


We assume that you being the realtor you would like to monitor and see what progress has been done to your listings. We have invested numerous time and funds into creating a site that allows you to do just that. When you allow us to negotiate your short sales we will give you a login to our site. From there you will be able to monitor all your accounts and see how far we are down the line. This allows you to keep your mind as ease and allows us to prove to you that we are doing what is expected. Below is a website that we allow our agents to login to and monitor their accounts.


I hope with this brief explanation that I have provided to you that you will keep our company into consideration. As mentioned before our main objective is to obtain the short sale approvals as quickly as possible. We would love to offer our services to you so please give us a chance. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to help you. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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