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2007-09-10 07:02:00

Handyman Connection Says, 'Start Planning for Fall Fix-Ups'

Handyman Connection offers advice on how to get your home ready for improvements this fall As the summer season turns into fall, residents can count on a few things: school will be in session, football games will be played, and the home will need a few fix-ups before colder weather sets in.

Preventive maintenance can be the key to keeping your home trouble-free during the fall and winter, but many homeowners have lengthy “to do” lists and not enough time to complete them.

“All houses require maintenance of some kind, and it’s especially important when the weather turns colder,” says Jim Rocchetta, vice president of marketing for Handyman Connection. “Whether homeowners do it themselves or get help from a certified handyman, these projects can enhance both comfort and peace-of-mind.”

Rocchetta offers some starting points for fall fix-up projects.

  • Keep out the elements -- Check the caulking and seals around windows. Make sure exterior doors fit snugly to discourage drafts.
  • Insulate yourself -- Double-check insulation in attics, crawl spaces, and spaces adjacent to porches or garages.
  • Outdoor plumbing -- Remove hoses and shut off the water to all outside faucets to prevent them from freezing and becoming damaged.
  • Clutter control -- Effective household organizational systems can reduce clutter and make sure you can find what you need when spring arrives. New shelves, cabinets, or closet systems can create more space for you.
  • Thorough inspection -- Take the time to walk slowly around the exterior of your house, pausing to visually inspect potential problem areas like gutters, chimneys, eaves, window wells, and so on. Many local companies will offer inspection services and recommendations for a fee.

If you need assistance to get your list completed, consult with a local professionally licensed handyman to discuss details and receive a cost estimate, Rocchetta says.

“Taking care of a few smaller projects now can keep bigger problems from developing in the future,” adds Rocchetta. “When the colder weather arrives, you can feel confident about the condition of your home - and start making plans for your spring projects!”

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