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2010-08-27 20:18:24

GREED… Is it that bad?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting real sick of hearing about how the American Capitalistic way is so bad. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life and I take enormous gambles with the hope of receiving enormous rewards.

Almost every Realtor I know is also an entrepreneur that has gambled that they can make a better life for their families, and put more money in their pockets, by being an entrepreneur.

When did it become bad form to make money? Maybe we all should just sit around and collect entitlements.

I’m sorry, but this country was founded on the spirit of the human being able to grow and take chances and build wealth - not to just sit around and collect entitlements.

So, you know what? Maybe GREED is OK.

Why should I make the same amount of money as a career entitlement individual when I have bet everything I have on being successful, and working 80 hour weeks, and laying awake at night wondering how to meet payrolls, or paying for all the new tax’s being thrown at the small businessman.

Why would I want to do that, if it’s wrong to make more money than the next guy?
Now, I’m going to climb down off my soapbox and discuss another example of Realtors that work in the VIRTUAL CULTURE.

We have found that these individual Realtors are greatly motivated.  

And Why?

Because they get to keep 100% of what they make. They have a lot more motivation because they don’t have to give away 20% ,30%, or even 40% of what they make to a Broker. As a result, they put in longer hours and have more sales. I have stated before in other columns, our Realtors average 10+ sales per year, per Realtor.

The VIRTUAL REALTOR also does not cut their commissions. They are professionals that know their valu,e and they earn what they make. In this economy they probably deserve more than they even currently charge in commissions. You will never find the professional entitlement individuals in this country working 80 hour weeks to feed their families.

So if wanting to work 80 hour weeks, and wanting to provide for a better lifestyle for your family is GREEDY, then maybe, GREED is GOOD!

I have tried to stay away from politics in my columns, but I’m really getting tired of hearing how bad we entrepreneurs are because we want more in life for our families and we work our tail ends off to achieve.
So to all you Realtors out there… that have survived the last four years and have worked till you’re ready to drop, to make a living and provide for your families, I raise a glass of salute to you! You deserve to be held up as a shining example of what made America the great country that it is.

So go forth and prosper, and quit listening to those that say we entrepreneurs are bad people.



James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes a National Internet Based Real Estate Brokerage. You may reach Mr. Crumbaugh at

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