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2010-05-12 21:59:37

GoPaperless Special Offer to RealTown Members

In today’s fast paced marketplace, getting approved signoffs on contracts, last-minute changes and other vital documents is key to success.
GoPaperless Solutions provides software for the mobile professional in a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, automotive, finance, health care, and field service. GoPaperless solutions has been in business for over 11 years providing IT and computing solutions for businesses.
For Real Estate professionals, a great option is The firm provides eSignOnline and Real Estate Dashboard tools to make the job faster and easier.
eSignOnline: Now with widespread acceptance including the FHA, eSignOnline is an easy way to get electronic signatures on real estate contracts and documents. eSignOnline uses a simple easy to use interface for navigation and a wizard interface to send documents out for signatures. With 6 simple steps, you can setup and create a new signing session, invite multiple signers to the session, upload multiple documents, drop signature, initial, date, form fields, and checkbox zones on contracts, preview the contract, and send out for signatures.
All parties are notified immediately via email once a contract has been fully executed with the PDF attachment of the final contract.
Real Estate Dashboard: This is powerful software for Tablet PCs that will change the way you work. With a Tablet PC and the Real Estate Dashboard software, the world becomes your office – you can work anywhere, anytime.
Real Estate Dashboard main features include: Capturing wet biometric eSignatures, paperless document management, electronic fax and email transmission, secure document back-up and sync, team collaboration, and remote online access. Looking for ONE solution that does it all, then Real Estate Dashboard is probably the solution for you.
With eSignOnline and Real Estate Dashboard, customers have best of both worlds - biometric wet signatures inside Real Estate Dashboard when you are face to face with your clients and digital signatures via the web (click to sign) when you can't meet your clients.
Check out all that GoPaperless has to offer go to their Website or visit their RealTown Group for a special offer – Sign up now for a free account or trial software. No credit card required. PLUS 1 month’s free service on any premium plans. Just say “Give me the RealTown special”.
Check out the new GoPaperless Blog on RealTown or visit the RealTown Store for additional details. For more information, contact Prabakar Mahalingam.

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