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2011-10-07 06:29:29

Google Android Smartphone Will Take Place of PC in Future?


According to foreign media reporting, in the global mobile conference, Google CEO,Eric Schmidt said that Google Android Smartphone represents the PC future, smartphone sales much better than PC, and smartphone will be the future of games office apps. If you own a best android phone , you own a PC.
Schmidt said, Android Smartphone has reached the goals that people to use only with their smartphones can access all global information, which is Bill Gate’s prophecy. 300000 equipments are activated every day including Google android tablet.
There are 100 types of Quad Band Phone and tablet computers running Android operate system. Android operate system is comparable with the apple iPhone and iPad which can run iOS and Microsoft Windows 7 tablet PC operating system.
Google plans to every six months offer mobile phones and tablets a new Android operating system, especially the Chrome Netbook sucked attention. Google also demonstrates a new Google android tablet application samples, which is like Windows 7 tablet PC of Windows Live Movie Maker software that it can make movie with photos.
Schmidt reiterated that Microsoft is the biggest competitor of Google. Nokia, which is the mobile phone giant, had with Google about using Android as its smartphone platform matters, but decided to use Windows 7 please platform at last.
Schmidt said, all future the application of the mobile version and the PC version will support new network HTML5 standards. He expected mobile payment will be main stream this year because Europe has solved the short distance communication (NFC) technical problems. Mobile payment will be a huge opportunity of Android Smartphone.
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