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2010-12-01 16:55:34

Good Samaritan helping with foreclosures in NJ


Seer Farms is a shelter in Jackson Township that provides temporary care for animals whose owners are victims of foreclosures in NJ. Laura Pople opened the shelter last year, after she read about the plight of animals in the area. Although there are no news reports available at the moment, it’s reasonable to assume that similar shelters would exist in other places in the United States where foreclosures in St Louis County occur.

Pople got a mortgage and took cash from her 401k retirement plan to buy the $326,000 property. When the shelter opened, there was already a waiting list she had to deal with. There is an obvious need for this type of assistance and even though the automotive industry has begun to slowly rebound, it’s safe to assume that pet owners suffering through home foreclosures in Michigan would need the same kind of help in certain circumstances.

Homeowners working through foreclosures in NJ are asked to stay involved with the animals and formulate some kind of timetable for taking their pets back home to live. Moving back to another part of the country, foreclosures in St Louis County are presenting good opportunities for investors who might even want to bring their own pets along when they buy one of these properties.

Of course, there are always some helpful hints you can use when you’re looking through one of these properties. For instance, when it comes to evaluating the bathroom plumbing, try rocking the toilet and pressing your foot down near the base to make sure the floor isn’t rotten. Remember to check the water pressure in the upstairs washrooms as well as faucets, because low water pressure needs to be addressed, no matter where you decide to purchase property. It’s an issue for home foreclosures in Michigan and anywhere else across the country.

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