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2011-11-18 22:23:42

Good Loan Modification Company

When you are attempting to get approved for a loan modification with your lender, you should really consider an honest loan mod company for assistance. The process of successfully completing a mortgage modification can be very long and difficult. This should be looked at as one of the most important investments you will ever make because you are trying to save your home. It is ok to pay a company for their services and usually the result of an approved modification will far outweigh the money that you spend. You must do extensive research on the company you are considering, to make sure that they have completed other mortgage modifications and helped other homeowners stay in homes. The honest company you are considering should also put you through some sort of pre approval process, where they ask you all your financials, in order to see if they can help you. After they do a review of your financials you should build a relationship with the expert who is attempting to help you. The company should be educating you in the process and how they will help you get approved.

It is also strongly recommended to hire a good loan modification company over a lawyer. Based on the horror stories I have heard, lawyers are the worst to deal with. Not only are they going to take a retainer UP FRONT before they even work for you but they do not provide the customer service that is needed for homeowners that do not know what their fate is. A good loan modification company will have online customer service and some sort of tools that will give the client full transparency on the case and work being performed. Loan modification companies also focus solely on mortgage modifications, where attorneys usually have lots of other services going on. This will lead to neglect to you personally and the ability to talk to someone whenever you want to. Many lawyers claim that you must be an attorney to get loan modifications approved. They claim that they can do more with the bank because they are going to approach them from a legal perspective. I highly doubt the attorneys, who are doing loan modifications, will be more adverse in law then Bank of Americas lawyer. That being said, it doesn't even have to be a legal dispute with your lender. A loan modification is like going for a mortgage from a mathematical standpoint. The bank will do a calculation; along with evaluate your financial hardship. If your income and expense fall into the proper calculation then you will be approved.

That is why a good loan modification company would be the best way to make sure to give you the best chance to get approved, which will stop the foreclosure and keep you in your home.

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