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2009-04-28 15:55:45

Getting Real Estate Investors to do Business with You


Real estate investors know what they want, where they can get it, and they don't have much difficulty finding it. Very often, they will rely on their network and referrals to provide assistance when they are in need of help. Obviously, you want to be a part of this network that they will use – and so the million dollar question for today is, “How do you get there?”

You certainly won't make it very far if no one knows about your business, so the first step for any agent is getting to BE KNOWN in your area. In order to be known, you must UTILIZE YOUR NETWORK and employ resources that are readily available to you. Try building a relationship with local business owners and group leaders. Contribute to local organizations and participate in venues where you can volunteer your services. The more people who know about you and the service you provide - the better off you'll be.
Over the years, you will work with many different individuals who are involved in the real estate profession - like attorneys, mortgage brokers, property managers, stagers, and title officers. It is important to build a relationship with a team of talented people who you can rely on when you need access to resources or information. Utilize this network, because a good relationship with these individuals can lead to synergistic opportunities in the future. For example, a title company is a valuable resource for real estate agents, because they can help agents market to absentee owners in their area zip codes they specialize in.
The bottom line here is that when a client is looking for a service in a certain area, you want to be at the top of the list of known individuals who can provide it. Think of this as SEO (search engine optimization) - but in real life, not just Google. When an investor wants to purchase property, they will search through their network first before consulting with other resources. That’s why you should utilize this network that they are using to search, and be known within the first set of results.
RealTown members are invited to a FREE 30 minute webinar: "How to Market to Real Estate Investors,on Wednesday, May 6th at 11 AM Pacific Time. The presentation will be held by RealTown approved vendor, and the program will focus on why real estate investors are important in the current markets and how to be successful with them. Click HERE to register.
"This webinar is designed to help real estate professionals attract business with investor clients," said RealTown Publisher John Reilly. "Investors are becoming very active in the current markets and agents who are not targeting them may be missing out."
The presentation includes the following:
* "Why are Investors Important" - This segment illustrates the size and buyer behavior of the real estate investor market based on recent studies and NAR data
* "How can I be Successful with Real Estate Investors" - This segment discusses investors' pain points, and how agents can create opportunities by helping to solve these pain points.
The webinar is free for RealTown members, but space is limited and pre-registration is required. You can register by clicking here. is the maker of free property management software and tax-saving web tools for real estate investors. TReXGlobal is a RealTown Approved Vendor that participates in the Seal of Approval program. Check out their FREE investor tools.


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