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2007-05-15 20:20:00

GE Wireless Lockbox Key Eliminates Need for Cradling


Washington, D.C. – May 15, 2007 – GE Security, Inc., a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of the General Electric Co., announced the launch of ActiveKEY, the first wireless lockbox key designed for mobile real estate professionals.  ActiveKEY uses advanced technology, and cellular connectivity where available, to conveniently provide continuous updates that can help real estate agents better and more efficiently serve their customers. 

Using a wireless cellular connection, ActiveKEY dramatically increases ease of use while offering improved security for listed properties.  Its instant notification feature can inform listing real estate agents as soon as other agents and prospective buyers walk into a property, helping them be more in control of their listings and more efficient in pursuing sales opportunities by allowing immediate follow ups on showings.  

“The introduction of ActiveKEY -- developed by real estate agents, for real estate agents -- is truly an industry changing event,” said A. Louis Parker, president and CEO, GE Security. “GE Security is helping real estate professionals better serve their customers by introducing a revolutionary wireless key for key boxes that will let agents know – and react – instantly when one of their properties is shown.”

“Real estate agents have been waiting for an access key that frees them from the need for hardwired computer connectivity and gives them more time to sell,” said Stan Earnshaw, vice president, vertical solutions sales and marketing, GE Security. “Now, using GE Security’s ActiveKEY, real estate agents will know instantly when and by whom their properties are shown. Quicker and better feedback provides peace of mind for agents and their clients – and can add up to faster sales.”

ActiveKEY’s wireless connectivity ends the need for on-the-go agents to return to office or home to access a hardwired cradle for updates.  Elimination of cradling allows agents to receive instant wireless updates whenever, and wherever they are when their properties are shown.  Instant notifications improve security for listed properties and ActiveKEY’s built-in flashlight improves nighttime safety for agents, allowing them to more easily locate key boxes and navigate in and around dark houses.

“Our members are impressed by the simplicity of GE’s ActiveKEY and love the wireless, anywhere anytime authentication so they no longer have to return to the office and cradle their keys,” said Sandy Haney, CEO, Monterey County (California) Assn. of REALTORS®. “Plus, having the showing notifications delivered right to ActiveKEY is a huge benefit for our members and their clients.”

ActiveKEY further improves security by allowing real estate associations and multiple listing services (MLS) to instantly take lost or stolen keys out of service by issuing a simple deactivation command wirelessly. Other ActiveKEY advantages include larger buttons and an enhanced and easier-to-read display.

ActiveKEY is currently being tested by beta customers around the country and is expected to be available in July 2007. It is on display at booth 204 at the National Association of Realtors Mid-Year Conference in Washington, D.C. this week.

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