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2011-11-08 17:31:18

5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Veterans Day in Your Home Town

Veterans Day is just around the corner, and for many, it is a time to express gratitude to our Nation's veterans and active duty service members who have so proudly served or are still currently serving. However, expressing that gratitude doesn't have to be limited to a few extra American flags in the yard or a barbeque with close friends. There are several other great ways to celebrate Veterans Day that directly benefit military members:

Write Thank You Cards to Soldiers
A good way to let your gratitude be known is by telling a veteran or active duty service member directly. On Veterans Day, create a station in your home for Thank You card making. You and your kids can sit around and decorate thank you letters, and then deliver them to a local veterans support organization that will send them overseas.

Volunteer at a Local Veterans Support Agency
Care packages don't just get packed themselves, and may veteran support organizations are more than willing to let you lend a hand. Call around town to see if there are any organizations or groups in your area, and see what you can do to help.

Adopt a Soldier
Care packages are often the highlight of a soldier's day when they are serving overseas. They come packed with essentials like baby wipes and fresh socks, but also come with a few great treats like cookies and protein bars. Unfortunately, not every soldier has someone to send them a care package. To make sure that every soldier gets a touch of home, many support organizations now allow civilians to adopt a soldier. All you have to do is sign up and send out a care package once a month.

Give Your Patronage to Businesses that Support Veterans
Many businesses will offer discounts or free meals to veterans and active duty service members on Veterans Day. Be sure to support these businesses in their efforts by offering them your patronage on Veterans Day.

Support Local Families of Deployed Service Members
While supporting those that are actually serving overseas or have served is important, taking the time to say “thank you” to the families of the deployed is also incredibly important. These families sacrifice so much so that their loved ones can serve, so if you have a military family in your area, be sure to say thanks.

Be sure to also check out your community website for a list of celebrations and things to do on Veterans Day. So whether you will be attending the Veterans Day parade in New York City, the week long Veterans Day event in Chicago, or the Los Angeles National Veterans Day Run in Irvine, you will know just where you need to be in order to offer you most dedicated support.


Maya Szydlowski is a Web Reporter for VA Mortgage, the nation’s leading VA loan provider. 

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