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2007-07-10 12:17:00

FSBO Lead Generator Expands Data Gathering Capability

FSBOLeader, a provider of lead systems to real estate companies and real estate professionals across the nation, which utilizes search engine and Internet technologies, announced that it has multiplied data gathering capabilities by nine times so that it can expand the volume of data that it is able to process and deliver to title companies, mortgage companies, real estate brokerages, and selected service industries.

This super engine will aid the company in meeting its growth objectives for the remainder of 2007 and beyond, both domestically and internationally, according to company executives.  Enhanced data gathering and faster servers will allow FSBOLeader to continue its expansion into Canada and various markets in Great Britain, Hong Kong, Mexico and Australia.

About FSBOLeader

FSBOLeader offers a unique lead system combining research and communication technology along with training to Real Estate Professionals including mortgage, title and real estate companies. Using proprietary technology, FSBOLeader provides quality leads to thousands of real estate professionals in the United States and Canada and planning to further expand to several industries.   

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