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2008-01-17 15:51:00

Free Instant Online Property Valuation Service in UK Launches

An Internet property resource, Mouseprice, have launched a new, online, valuation system, which will provide free and instant estimates of the value of any home in England and Wales.

Along with current valuations, Mouseprice will also provide the price a property last sold for, an indication of size and number of bedrooms, the year it was built and bird's-eye view photographs of the house from all different sides. In addition, users can see properties for sale and for rent nearby available through local estate agents.

And, as part of the new site, homeowners can indulge in "property flirting" - telling potential buyers a price that might tempt the owner to sell, on the basis that, if offered enough money, most people would be willing to move.

Combined with the ability to post comments about current properties, previous homes and even landlords, the new site is truly web 2.0 for property.

Members of the public can also be emailed with up-to-date information on changes in the local property market. Mouseprice's free "market monitor" bulletin includes regular updates of properties recently sold in the area, similar properties coming on the market and updated property valuations.

Mouseprice is designed to offer a comprehensive, interactive and content-rich property portal, offering free, instant valuations, essential information on the property market, as well as homes for sale and for rent.  


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