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2007-07-09 14:00:00

Frame of Mind Coaching


What separates top performers from everyone else in the industry is their ability to use the skill of deliberate thought to drive their success.  Kim Ades, MBA Founder and President of Opening Doors, is thrilled to announce the launch of Frame of Mind Coaching.  Frame of Mind Coaching provides real estate agents with a program designed to explore the critical aspects related to top career performance by offering a supportive infrastructure to develop the skills of deliberate thought; a focussed frame of mind.

Frame of Mind Coaching is crystal clear about results; they are a direct and deliberate product of what we allow our mind to focus on. Frame of Mind Coaching is looking for real estate agents across North America to participate in a ten-week program. Ten empowering weeks: one group tele-call per week, one private orientation call and two individual sessions are being offered at special introductory rates throughout the summer. The next session begins on Monday, July 30th. 

Frame of Mind Coaching is not about teaching the ABC’s of real estate sales, it’s not a ‘how to’ program. Frame of Mind Coaching is not traditional.  It’s personal. It’s about tapping in to our greatest source of strength, a focussed frame of mind to create the world we desire by maintaining deliberate control over our thoughts.  It’s mind blowing and mind bending.  It’s about getting results, plain and simple.

Life is a roller coaster, and real estate has some of the steepest peaks and valleys. Real estate agents are up every now and then, but when they fall, it can be fast and deep, and it often takes a while to pull out.  Sometimes too long, and they can fall completely off the cliff. Why is it that some agents seem to always have it together despite hard times in the market? The single biggest difference between top performers and everyone else is that they have developed a strong internal mechanism which allows them to maintain a longer duration of career peaks and enables them to catch their fall on the way down towards a deep valley.  They stop short and re-direct.  They have a powerful mental muscle that they use so that they do not fall so far, for deep, so fast.  They use their skills of deliberate thought to navigate the ups and downs of the business. This is called flexing the mind muscle; the discipline that allows them to make continuous and seamless adjustments and focus on career performance. 

Do you want to be a top performer in the real estate profession? Are you ready to participate in a result driven team coaching program? Do you want more listings?  Do you want people to call you requesting your services?  Do you want to live the extraordinary life you have always planned for?  Do you want to own your future?

Are you eligible?

1. Are you available for a one hour interactive group telephone class each week?

2. The program is contingent upon focussed, guided, daily writing exercises to re-enforce lessons learned and contribute to performance development.  Daily. Seventy days. No excuses. Complete commitment.

      Can you stick with it?

3. Can you provide total candour, and respect the confidentiality of this unique experience?

4. Are you ready to create the career you always dreamed of? 
(For additional information, contact Kim Ades, President of Frame Of Mind Coaching to discuss your eligibility for participation in this career empowering program. 416 747 6900 ext. 221)

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