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2011-07-13 16:18:15

Flood Relief Efforts Beginning - Your help is needed!

We received this from the North Dakota Association of REALTORS®:

We watched in disbelief as members of our REALTOR® family along with so many in the communities in and around Joplin, MO lost everything, including some lives, praying and hoping everything would turn out as best as they could.  Now, only one month later, members throughout our fine state are suffering from the worst flooding disaster in history.  It did not come from the skies directly, but from flooding from three different rivers, and for three different reasons.  Fargo and Grand Forks are usually the ones in the news for flooding, however, right now over 4,000 homes have been affected by the flood waters in Minot and hundreds more in the Bismarck/Mandan area.  Thankfully no lives have been lost, but the devastation is incredible. 


24 Hours Later:

We may be a small state, but losing everything feels the same no matter where you are from, and we need your help.

Please consider a donation to the Realtors® Relief Foundation so we can help our Realtor® family members rebuild their lives and their homes.   Please send a donation to Realtors® Relief Foundation, c/o NDAR, 318 West Apollo Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58503. 

You may also contribute with credit card by clicking here or by calling NDAR at 800-279-2361.

For credit cards, we are using a new online system. NDAR members must log in with the email address on file (this message was sent to that address) and use the generic password of “Password1” without the quotes. Once logged in, click “Online Store” on the left to make a donation to the Realtors® Relief Funds.

Here’s what we know right now:

  1. In Minot, 12,000 people were displaced when the Mouse River flooded nearly 4,100 homes in the greater Minot area.
  2. Numerous businesses are completely under water, and have lost everything and even those that aren’t near the flood waters are affected.  In Bismarck-Mandan business owners are stating business is off 40-50% for May-June.
  3. Many REALTOR® and affiliate members and their families have confirmed they have lost their homes, some have not been able to return to their homes so at this point do not know the extent of damage.  Several offices were re-located and one broker removed everything including the wood flooring and the flood waters reached the rafters in this office.  Many will never be able to go back “home”.
  4.  Most are living in temporary housing, with friends and family. 
  5.  The river waters in Minot are expected to stay for a few more days/weeks before rebuilding can begin and there are still “curfews” for when you can be in your homes.
  6.  The waters in Bismarck Mandan are expected to stay until the end of August or later.

Some have lost their personal homes, businesses and income properties and still don’t know when they will be allowed back to start clean-up and rebuilding.  This is not a normal flood by any means as the longevity in some areas is into the fall and many have not been able to return to their homes to see the extent of damage with the unknown weighing on them each and every day.

We have heard from our REALTOR® family, and they are in need of everything, from clothes, to food, to of course money and funding to help them with temporary shelter when it can be found, and the necessities in life.  NDAR is working with other local boards, but again, we are a small state, and our membership numbers are relatively few, so the need is great.  We are working with NAR and with other Associations and foundations to pull together and do what can be done for our members.  Please say a prayer, and think of the thousands in North Dakota that no longer have a roof over their heads.  Any help would be appreciated.

The North Dakota Association of Realtors® (NDAR) is participating in a voluntary cooperative program with the Realtors® Relief Foundation (RRF) for this relief effort.  All donations collected by NDAR will be forwarded to the RRF for final deposit.  The RRF will segregate these donations for use by NDAR in this relief effort.  The Realtors® Relief Foundation was established to provide to needy victims of disasters (including, but not limited to affected relief and rescue workers), and their families, assistance with housing-related needs arising out of such disasters, and for other charitable purposes permitted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations are tax deductible.  The Realtors® Relief Foundation distributes one hundred percent of all funds collected to disaster relief causes.  All administrative costs related to this relief effort will be paid by NDAR.

We’ll keep you posted as new information becomes available and we are able to start accepting grant applications for those affected.

Also I have heard from several who want to help our members with clean-up so if you are in need please let our office know as well – call 800-279-2361 or email Jill at Or if you are willing to help members in either community please let us know that as well.

Thank You,


Daryl Braham                          Jill Beck
President                               Executive Vice President

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