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2009-12-08 19:39:09

Five Strategies to Build Your Business from Real Estate’s Leading Women


Real estate’s leading female leaders will be convening in Scottsdale from April 21-23 to share strategies as well as to network and have fun. For the 2008 conference, 24 of the 40 attendees were on the “100 Most Influential Women in Real Estate List.”
Here are just five of the highlights from the 2009 Conference that can help you with your business.
1. Make sure your profile on RealTown, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are complete including a picture.
Having a complete profile on the major social networking sites allows potential buyers and sellers to investigate you online before contacting you. This is particularly important for Gen X and Gen Y since they research business contacts online before making personal contact. The second reason is that there are people out there who carry grudges. If you are not online, someone can grab your name, address, and other pertinent information and then pretend to be you. This can cost you thousands in attorney fees (not to mention loss of business as well.)
2. Avoid poking, beering, and all those other cute applications on Facebook.
The reason? The large majority of these applications are data mining. This means that when you use the application, the people who wrote it access your database of friends. They then sell your information and that of your friends to third party vendors. If you’re wondering how your email address gets to so many weird places, this is how it happens. Furthermore, you are violating your clients’ confidentiality if you share their data without their permission.
3. Distribution trumps destination.
Jennifer Anderson of Point2 Technologies explained how “distribution trumps destination.” In other words, that it is more important to have your listings appear on multiple sites rather than two or three sites with high traffic. Since consumers search on multiple web portals, it’s imperative that your listings appear in as many places as possible. Point2’s syndication service reaches nearly 40 different major real estate portals and search engines, and over 260 news media websites as well as hundreds or thousands of local agent websites in major markets around the US.
4. Post at least 20 photos of each of your listings.
Studies from Point2, conducted based on results from thousands of users of the company’s Point2 Agent listing syndication and website platform in both 2007 and 2008, show that having at least 20 photos vs. only one photo of your listings results in three times more detailed views and twice as many leads. As compared to having no photos, the results are 55 times more detailed views and 898 times the number of leads.  
5. When it comes to social networking, follow the 95-5 Rule.
This means 95 percent of the posts you make on the social media are about connecting with others, commenting on what they’re saying, and helping them with relevant information. Only about five percent should be about you. In terms of marketing your listings—don’t use your profile page on Facebook. It violates their terms of use. Instead, post them on the marketplace page.
These are just five of well over 100 strategies that were discussed in last year’s conference. If you are a woman who holds a leadership position (“C” level executive, broker owner, manager, or hold a leadership position at the local, state, or national level of your association (i.e. WCR, NAR, etc.), register for the upcoming 2010 conference in Scottsdale.
Here’s what past attendees have had to say:
Bernice Ross has an amazing acuity and a proven track record of 3 years of creating a magical event just for real estate women business owners and executives. The times spent networking, sharing and learning together is most valuable and what brings us back each year. There is not another event that captures the spirit we treasure and build upon throughout the year. -- Susie Hale
AFIRE is THE conference to attend! It was intimate, cutting edge, and offered impactful discussions...with some of the most influential and amazing women leaders in the real estate industry. What a wonderful way to connect and build nurturing relationships. Bravo!
-- Joeann Fossland, One of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Real Estate 2008 
Attendance is limited to 100. We expect this conference to sell out quickly. Don’t wait, REGISTER TODAY!

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