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2011-02-11 04:47:33

Facebook for Real Estate - A Marketing Must

Facebook for Real EstateAs you know social marketing such as Facebook has become a viable and in-expensive way to promote yourself and your real estate services.  Recently we redesigned and launched our Facebook page to capture the traffic from Facebook users and we have plans to keep improving it.

Did you know that having a Facebook Page to promote your real estate business/services plays a big part in your social online presence? If you are aware of the benefits of having a Facebook page that’s great but if not here is what it is and what it can do for you.

1) A Page which used to be called a “Fan page” is separate from your Personal Facebook page so it can be used strictly for a business or service.

2) Every time you add something to your Page (any type of announcement or post) everyone who has liked your page will be notified.

3) By having more people “Like”  Likeyour page it will increase your credibility and popularity as an expert in your field.

4) Your page allows fans/visitors to have a dialog between you and others or even others amongst themselves.

5) A professional Facebook page builds trust and in turn will drive more traffic to your website which could generate more leads and activity.

6) Having a custom professional Facebook page will help grow your social online presence as well as any type of service or business you have.

 The bottom line is that having a Facebook page can turn into an advertising and marketing avenue for your business if it’s done correctly.  With that said, offering something to persuade visitors to “like” your page is helpful.  Videos, guides or anything that you think will help increase activity for your page and for visitors to take the action could in return get you another prospect or agent relationship.

Now that you know how important having a professional Facebook page is the next thing you should do is have a custom Facebook page created for your business.

Your custom Facebook page should:

1) offer something of value to your visitors such as an ebook, video, coupon etc.

2) in order to receive the offer they should be asked to hit the Like Button.

3) Once they “Like” your page they will be redirected to the custom offer page.

This page can offer them anything you like (ebooks, videos, downloads, coupon codes, contests, raffles, the possibilities are endless.

To see what a custom Facebook page could look like and to get an idea of the possibilities a custom page can offer visit the  FHA 203k Mortgage Lender page at

If this is the first time viewing our page you’ll be taken to the custom page where you’ll be encouraged to LIKE us. Once you like us you’ll get to see the custom offer page.   

If you see the importance of having a custom page and would like one for your business contact me for more information at

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