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2007-03-16 14:24:00

Every Ingredient Is Important in the Recipe for a Delicious Life!

Coach PattiLife is, in some respects, like a complicated recipe. Every single ingredient matters. It’s the unique combination of ingredients that makes your life your own. Leave something out, or make a bad substitution, and you end up with a dish that’s disappointing and completely forgettable. Maybe it tastes flat, looks awful, or collapses under its own weight. It’s too embarrassing to share with friends. If you’re going to spend your time and money creating this dish, why not use the finest ingredients and make it as delectable as possible? In a recipe — and in life — everything matters.

Everything matters is a philosophy for living. Everything counts is a call to awareness.

Everything matters is breakthrough thinking that leads us to breakthrough results. 


There are no insignificant choices. Every choice changes your life, sometimes ever so small, it has either a consequence or a benefit, leaning you toward or away from your goals.


Every thought action or decision either complements or compromises your character.  Having character is much more important then being a character.


Self-discipline is a habit and a character trait. Anyone can be self-disciplined sometimes, but to get consistent, positive results requires consistent self-discipline. The daily practice of self-discipline determines where you will end up ... closer or further away from your goals.
Personal Development

Personal development is a lifelong journey, a work in progress. There is always some polishing to do.  Strive for progression, as the truth is no one is perfect. You are perfect in your imperfection. 


A standard is a behavior or action you hold yourself to. If your life or business is not working chances are your standards are too low or you don’t have any.  A commitment to high standards helps you to realize your true potential.  If you’re not fully committed to high standards, your credibility and eventually your reputation will suffer.


Believe it or not, failure is not fatal it is directional. It provides information and motivation for you to learn from and apply. Don’t take it personal.  Get back up, brush it off and keep on going.

Overall Well-Being and Good Energy

Your body is your temple. The day will come when your body will no longer tolerate your indifference.  Strive to live better; you will have more energy, self-esteem and clarity to make the right choices.

Pursue Happiness.

Pursuing happiness in legal! You are responsible for the happiness in your life. Make it a priority.  What you pursue you will manifest. 

Keep the Faith.

Your spiritual net worth is more important then your financial net worth.   Faith is spiritual capital. The absence of faith is spiritual bankruptcy.  A deep reserve of faith creates peace of mind.

Sometimes you forget that everything matters. You think what you do after hours, or on the weekend, or on vacation, doesn’t matter. Everything matters. Everything counts. You may also get confused about counting. You may think that counting is just about money. That if you focus on getting lots of money, everything else will fall into place. But counting is not just about money. It’s about noticing everything, paying attention, staying focused, and creating happiness and abundance in your life. And it doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Life is a recipe — flavored with joy and mystery. Enjoy it!
(Patti Kouri, GRI, Accelerated Performance Coaching, is a Master Coach who works closely with executives, managers, and real estate sales professionals. She offers dynamic and innovative techniques to help people achieve their goals and specializes in breaking through limits. “I work with people with big visions for themselves who want to make a dream into reality or create more meaning in their lives.”)

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