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2010-12-02 04:45:07

enemy of father to toss a brain for the sake of the children personal relations

ce.Two people just from the excrescent vehemence of Dou. Tang Yi again goes forward in a short while, evening dresses 2 people who fight then come into view.If this kind of matter Tang Yi originally don't want to take care of of,evening dresses but road only have such a, if 2 people don't open eyes, Tang Yi doesn't mind to do together.Sees one among those persons invite middle age,evening dress the shape is tall and big in stature, the luck makes a pair of knives,cheap evening dresses if positive form madness of to another 50s the old of the year old take the offensive.But that old, take the tobacco pouch of one pole arm length, take a stroll to visit hall of suddenly left suddenly right,prom dresses and often take time to counter-attack for a while. Now this kind of fighting has been already not gone into Tang Yi Fa's eye, wedding dresses in his eyes, seem circus troupe of miscellaneous play similar.That old sees Tang Yi Ce's horse but signs and seem afraid that the Tu livings mishap.A little black simply fiercely jilting from the Xiu immediately keeps to straightly beat a medium right shoulder of that middle age.That middle age is stuffy to hum a ,cocktail dresses the Wu wears a right shoulder to fall down in the ground.Is bad to mercilessly stare that old, and that old don't take advantage o the malicious hand in power as well and just make the eye seeing Tang Yi to. Tang Yi is just preparing to urge to go before the horse,evening dresses then hear a jet one mouthful blood that that middle age "burst" fresh, the color of that blood is already jet black.That saying of middle age gnash teeth in hatred:"Hate,dresses hate, have never thought my Zhao Chang to do force for 30 years, the father enemy, father still can not report, child incapable, underworld under how the noodles see you old.Is hateful hateful, , " Chapter 11 ten square boundary first boundary Tang Yi hears this words, immediately"Luo Mao" in heart is for a while."The enemy exterminated whole family didn't report, I but after willing kill the enemy of father to toss a brain for the sake of the children personal relations

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