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2009-08-21 20:25:07

Emotions Trump Facts: Make This Work For You


I was reading an article this week about the nature of real estate agents wondering if they can learn and/or do their own Search Engine Optimizing. The answer to this is of course you can. Being an SEO Specialist and a 30+ year real estate agent, I can do both . . . proficiently.
Now before you get caught up in the “I told you so’s”, know this. It took me 3 years before I had sold enough real estate to become nominated for “Salesman of the Year”, and 5 years to earn my CRS designation. Then after 25 years of selling real estate, I spent 3 years in learning SEO before I felt like I became proficient. So when you ask me can I do my own SEO? I’ll tell you yes you can, with the same justification that your sellers can sell their own houses.
Why do we want to do it all ourselves? (DUH)
Isn’t this what you are telling your For Sale By Owners? Aren’t you explaining to them your value? You already know that the reasoning that you want to do your own SEO is the same reasoning that your sellers want to sell their own homes: to save money. Do you really think that they are going to spend thousands of dollars with you because it is convenient, you’re professional or you offer a great service? NO! These are only partial reasons.
The Two Magic Bullets of Sales
Your client (potential client?) will only sign a contract to work with you for two reasons:
1.    They understand your Value, and
2.    They trust your integrity
If you only understand this principle, all else will fall into place. Everyone buys/sells/votes/creates/seeks avoidance from pain or anticipation of pleasure because of one reason: emotion.
Even the most logical left-brained person acts on emotion. In fact it was Albert Einstein that said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
So how does emotion tie into understanding your value and building trust and integrity? They are inexplicably tied together. Have you ever noticed a debate in which an emotionally charged person is debating someone trying to win them over with logic and facts? It doesn’t work. We sell the sizzle, not the steak. Emotions are what sell . . . as long as they are backed by fact.
How does the “value proposition” come into play? Your client must understand AND appreciate what your value is, before they will by willing to sign on for it. Look at the home selling process from your seller’s viewpoint. You’re looking at hiring someone to spend maybe a few hundred dollars (at the most) to receive maybe a $10,000 to $15,000 commission? And if the property sells quickly, is the seller overjoyed? NO! They feel even MORE ripped off! So why is this? They don’t understand your value proposition. Why? You have not sold them your value with emotion backed by fact. So how do you do this?
Case in point:
·        “Mr. & Mrs. Jones, if I were in your shoes, the first thing I would be thinking of is what appears to be, and is a very large sum of money to sell your house”.
o       (Okay, whose side are you on? Theirs)
·        “And I can tell you right now that it is beyond me how many real estate agents can ask this as recompense for their value”.
o       (Here I’m siding with them again emotionally).
·        “I want you to know that I understand how you feel, other sellers have felt the same way. And what they have found by using the services of an effective and professional real estate agent is that they make on the average a 3% higher net profit within a faster time frame with much less hassle”.
o       (You may recognize this as the classic “feel/felt/found” close. I’ve given it just a very simple usage, but you can see that even with this close, I first identify with their feelings. Then I tell them that they are not alone in their concerns. Finally I move into my “kill” close by tying in emotions backed by facts. These facts alone will not sell themselves or help you. They must be buttressed by emotion.)
This is a truly oversimplified version of the detail that you need, but it does explain the outline of what works in almost all sales situations. “Saving money” is a strong motivator, but with knowledge of what is really important to people (their emotional satisfiers), you can not only lead a horse to water, but make him drink as well.
Simply put, our company is “simply SEO”. We have to respect our prospects first, before they will ever understand our value proposition. Once this is done we can gain trust through integrity over and over again achieving referral based actions.
Understand this paragraph above for your company, and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition too.
Randy Eagar is  a national speaker and trainer as well as an SEO consultant to hundreds of well-known real estate professionals. He has received the reputation of being a technology humorist as he makes technology enjoyable and interesting. 

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