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2011-10-24 10:34:59

Drawbacks to Using FLASH for Web Design

Flash is valuable tool in web designer tool box and it ameliorate looks of website. Although it amplifies website interactivity with concerned audience but still it has following drawbacks

Download at Snail pace- It downloads at very slow speed and if ever your whole website is built on flash then really people even won’t wait for downloading. They will simply exit from your website and thus you will lose a prospective customer. Even on high speed internet connectivity it takes time to load.

Navigation- Navigation is the major problem of flash based websites. People are not familiar with flash based navigation and some sites entirely hide the navigation until mouse slides over. The solution to this problem can be, set up navigation links through HTML but again it is tedious to edit flash. Moreover, if you are editing it to HTML then why not simply use HTML, which is easier for audience as well. It looks like Promotional material- Flash based websites just look like advertising instead a place to find information. Literally, it confuses people whether its an advertisement or site’s content.

Its not search engine friendly- Flash based website is not search engine friendly because search engine job is to scan information and match it with user’s query. Through headings, sub headings, paragraphs and links it accomplishes its job but it is not able to analyze the information hidden in graphics although it try its best to extract that links too but the whole process is far from useful. Hence, such sites rank very poorly.

Problem for Web Analytics- Web Analytics tell internet marketers place from where the visitors came or which pages they visited. It can be done through two methods web server log based system and JavaScript tag system. In case of Flash based websites web administrator are unable to detect which page they visited.

It disable back button- Back button is primary source of navigation for an average visitor but in case of flash based websites back button is disabled. Hence, you can click from one page to another but if you click on back button then it will move you to home page that’s the most disgusting thing.

Obsolete- After certain point of time flash based website looks outdated and redundant. Flash Player- You need to download flash player plug-in other such website won’t work.


Still, if you want to consider flash as a viable alternative then incorporate following things in flash based website

  • Increase Font size so that people can easily read your text.
  • Try to bookmark a page within a site. Deep linking pays off in long run.
  • Try to avoid JAVA script or other fancy languages if you are using flash.
  • Never exaggerate flash based animations or videos.
  • Create HTML version of flash based website.

Thus, flash based website is a flashy way to attract visitors but still its disadvantages outweighs its advantages.

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