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2010-12-02 04:35:42

doorway of good evil

he positive whole body aureate apprentice tunic, jewelry also wore peculiar Dou hat to hide her silver hair and face.Reaching good evil force college is again called free college,earrings women's sweaters reach in the good mainland here, own a high position.Is a mainland first college, here don't know to train an excessive little talented person. All young men all will to can get into free college study but feel proud.Absolute being empire dragon's king is always this college of emeritus professor.In addition to the clan of emperors in all countries,necklaces anyone thinks that the methods that get into college study are all only a , that is to pass a test. Although it is said fasten in 3 in the college,wholesale jewelry is also a sorcery to fasten, Wu Ji Xi fasten with knowledge, but,jewelry the person on the mainland unless is have no way would choose that the knowledge fastens outside, no one would like to fasten to study to the knowledge.Although they to the talented person whom the knowledge fastens is to need very much, still the rare student would like to choose that the knowledge fastens. Gao Da Dun's city gate is also an academic center door foot is 30 meters high,fashion jewelry near 50 meter wide, inset the horizontal tablet of airtight silver up carve a sun to in the center have a marking of moon-this is the academic hospital badge,day dresses even if the place that just stands to leave center door 50 meters here,can very clearly feel a freedom in the air of of breathing. Chapter 48 enters school Want to ask leaf Zhi to arrive at here why?And be dressed in thus weird? For seeking card strange Er Si,rings leaf Zhi used absolute being to talk airtight curse.The so-called absolute being talks airtight curse, is only be like leaf Zhi the ancient god like this just can use and is decided by the absolute being space, the speech speaking will definitely carry out. Leaf Zhi said a words with the absolute being speech:The place transfering her to the ability to see strange Er Si of card.Hence she appears here-reach the doorway of good evil martial

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