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2007-07-02 13:25:00

DomuSwap Residential Real Estate Trading Site Debuts

Infoblazer LLC. released its new real estate trading web site,, at the 2007 District 13 Technology and Business Expo in Sarasota FL.

DomuSwap is an online listing service exclusively for sellers of residential real estate who will consider an exchange of property. Unlike most other real estate search engines that focus exclusively on buyers finding houses, DomuSwap caters to sellers looking to also buy another house and who therefore may be interested in an exchange.

In a real estate market such as the current one, there are many more sellers than buyers, and therefore few offers and sales. Many of these sellers, however, are actually buyers needing to sell their existing homes before they can buy. Using computer based matching of seller specified criteria, DomuSwap developers claim that they can uncover possible trades among listings and expand the seller’s market to include many more potential customers

Infoblazer will be marketing DomuSwap nationally, so trades can be accomplished nationwide, as well as within the same market.

About Infoblazer

DomuSwap is developed by Infoblazer LLC. Infoblazer is a Sarasota based software development and consulting company, providing application development services to large corporations. Infoblazer’s founder, David Moskowitz, has consulted for companies such as General Electric, where his work was featured in a CBS 60 Minutes profile of GE CEO Jack Welch.

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