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2011-03-18 00:18:49

Does your real estate technology work as well as your agents?

Does this sound familiar? You started your agency a number of years ago, bought a couple of computers, had a website built and downloaded a few industry specific programs.

Stage 2: your business began to grow, you added some newer model computers, bought a server to handle the data and maybe your emails, downloaded more programs and hired an IT guy (hopefully older than 13) to set up a network.

Stage 3: the business continues with the ebb and flow of most real estate firms: expansion, some contraction followed by more growth. You add more equipment, programs, maybe another server or two and find yourself with more IT headaches than take up more and more of your time. Your computers are configured differently, many of your programs(even the best in the industry) aren’t synchronized (they don’t share data) and they sit on either your PCs or the server and can’t be accessed from your home computer or mobile device. Perhaps you are using one of those companies that allow you to log into your office PC- as long as your PC is on, the server is working and the office has power. You have one company hosting your website, another hosting your email and maybe a third hosting your lead generation services, cloud based CRM or calendar etc etc.

That’s what happened to Keys2Day , a Baltimore, MD real estate firm, and it was effecting their bottom line. Rather than rebuilding piecemeal, Keys2Day looked for a holistic solution that would deal with all these issues and finally, chose to deploy a full intranet.

“An intranet is a private computer network that uses web-based technology to securely share any part of an organization’s information. The term is used in contrast to internet, a network between organizations, and instead refers to a network within an organization.” Simply put, it is a private, cloud-based, secure and private environment where your employees (and customers, partners or whomever you allow) can access and safely and securely share company information and applications.

It is your virtual office accessible from anywhere you have a web enabled device and an internet connection.  A cloud-based intranet and applications (programs) work on any of your computers or laptops whether they are old, new, PCs or MACs; they work on Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome; they don’t require updates or licenses to operate and they most often, work on a pay-as-you-go basis (pay for only what you use when you use it).

Remember those SAT questions: a bat is to a ball as a shoe is to a ____? Well  cloud based Intranets, like all cloud based applications are to your office computer as a cell phone is to a landline.

“We all come from big business backgrounds so we easily understood the value of having a central company environment where we can find everything in one place.” said Jeanine Whitehead, a member of the Keys2Day team. Big business background but it worked perfectly for a local real estate firm.

The agents of Keys2Day can access their listings and access their firms wealth of information (nearby schools, prior sales, mortgage rates, etc.)  in real time while with a client in their home, in the field or at a child’s soccer game.

Cloud services such as the intranet designed for Keys2Day level the playing field for small businesses. Contact us to see how we can put the power of the cloud to work  for your business

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