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2011-12-16 00:42:38

Does Blackwater Consulting Group Practice Click Fraud?

Does Blackwater Consulting Group practice click fraud?

The answer to the above question eludes me but I do have my suspicions.

Recently you may have received a lot of emails from Blackwater promoting their PMLS product.

The one that appealed to me was the one that offered this product for a period of 1 month with a guarantee that if they did not deliver 8 leads with that months trial subscription the fee of $450 would be refunded in full.

Here is a copy of the email:

Dear Real Estate Professional,


Perhaps you haven't seen our offers to try our PMLS Internet prospecting service for 30 days. Or, maybe you were waiting for the final offer's best terms. Whatever the reason, there's no longer any reason to wait because there is no way we can offer a better try-out to you of this remarkable system.

We invented the PMLS System two years ago. ("PMLS" means "Professionally Managed Lead Site" and it brings quality inquiries to you from clients. PMLS does not interfere with any other efforts you may be making in online marketing, we do everything and you handle the inquiries).

We have had real success with our clients and this product. In fact, more than 90% of PMLS clients are happy and continuing their subscriptions. Now, so we are offering you a 30 day trial subscription and if you don't get at least 8 real leads, you will have your one month subscription payment refunded in its entirety! We'll put up a prospecting website, with your photo and logo, branded to you and the market you serve; we will optimize it and use paid search; everything is included in the one month subscription payment. Within a week or so, you will be talking to Internet buyers who have visited your site and have further requests for information.

In addition to bringing you a minimum of 8+ real inquiries in the next 30 days (plus, it may take up to a week to get your site up and working for you)---or you don't pay--- If, after 30 days, you are unhappy FOR ANY REASON, you simply cancel with no further costs. If you are pleased, however, you can continue month to month, or annually (at a savings). Imagine having plenty of

transactions working over the next few months---traditionally, the slowest part of the year! PMLS will help you do just that.

Everything is included in the one monthly payment of $450.00. It's a wonderful thing to get 8+ serious prospects telling you what they want over the next 30 days without down payments and long commitments.

Click here and we'll tell you all about this 30 day trial offer. PMLS is a great innovation and you can afford it! C'mon---give it a try!

Best wishes,


The Blackwater Consulting Group Info@theBlackwatercg

The Blackwater Consulting Group, Inc. 2533 N. Carson Street #3049, Carson City, NV 89706,


Sounds good doesn’t it? How can you lose?

On October 26/11 I signed up for this offer and paid them the fee of $450.

On November 1 the first lead was delivered to my inbox.

Subsequent leads followed on November 6, 9, 27 & 29

5 leads in total up to November 29.

On November 27 I wrote Art Lusby, the Blackwater representative an email requesting a refund. He informed me at that time the site went live November 1 and to give them until December 1 to generate the balance of the leads stating also that if they did not produce the 8 promised leads by that time they would give me a full refund.

A copy of that email is below:


Hi John.  Yes, as of yesterday there were 4 leads.  Some look pretty good and I hope you are successfully engaged with them.  The site went live on 11/1, and we did just put some money into the promotion of it again, so would like to ask your forbearance for the next two days – until 12/1.  We will, of course, provide a refund if the eight leads are not received by that time.  Thanks for giving this a try, John, and – again – I do hope some of the prospects turn into closings for you.


Art Lusby




Online Marketing Services for REALTORS since 2005



On December 3rdand 6thI sent an email to art asking for confirmation of my refund. You can see the answer to that below:


Art Lusby alusby@theblackwatercg  me

show details Dec 6 (9 days ago)


Yes John. I will check on it and confirm it has been processed later today.


Sent from my iPhone


On December 3rda lead from Blackwater appeared in my inbox, then on December 7 another 2 leads magically appeared. Each of these leads were completely unrealistic in terms of home expectations at the price levels they stated. As a matter of fact all of the leads supplied previous to this had been similar in terms of unrealistic expectations on the part of the people sending them.

Where it took 4 weeks for 5 leads to be delivered it now only took days to conjure up the missing 3 leads.

And that was after the 1 month trial period had ended and I had requested a refund.

Subsequent emails to Art Lusby and the company have gone unanswered.

I still do not know if Blackwater Consulting Group practices click fraud but I do have suspicions.

I do know they do not honour their guarantee.

Anyone else had this experience with Blackwater Consulting Group?

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