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2010-09-05 19:33:29

Do you use this in your Closings?

Hello fellow Realtors,

I use a particular system which allows me to provide to my clients the services they will need for their homes. Services such as Gas, Electricity, Home Security, Analog or Digital Phone Service, Internet, Satellite TV and more.

This may seem like no big deal except I provide them these services with the Major Brands in their area as part of my closing procedures because they are going to order these services anyway. 
 I usually save them between 10 to 40 percent, on average, on there usual monthly costs and best of all...

I get paid up to 10% commission every month on every service I provide my clients for as long as they have that service!

Now if you ask me, we all should be doing this and making an additional residual income while providing added value to our portfolio. Your customers will be truly greatful to you! We are in the perfect profession to take advantage of such a program.
It is available to any agent in North America! If you are an agent outside North America, email me and let me know. I may be able to set you up as well depending where you are.

If you are interested in taking advantage of such a concept and would like more information, please email me and we can set up a time to connect.

To your future success!

Steven Burrows

Realtor Advisor
Sales Representative
Brekland Realty

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