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2011-05-17 23:04:03

Discover How Video Creates More Opportunities, Friendships and Income

If fact when your video tells a story (and all Good Video tells a story) you can create opportunities, which create friendships which lead to income.

In this video interview David Bell of Teldon Marketing and I share our story of how we connected at a Real Estate Mastery Event in Denver CO and how from that meeting we were able to forge a friendship that has subsequently opened up avenues of opportunity and friendships for both of us.

This is a True Story and the video footage I use goes from Denver – NAR Conference in New Orleans – Century 21 Convention Toronto Canada – Century 21 Convention Las Vegas and ends with us doing this video the Real Estate Masters Guild Event Savannah GA!

That’s the Real Power of Video, in that it helps to create loyalty and trust with people that have NEVER met you … so that when they do finally meet you, they already feel like they know, love and trust you!

This allows you to shift from trying to convince people why they should work with you … to focusing on all the ways you can serve them and help them achieve their goals.

In essence you become a welcome and trusted advisor vs. a suspicious outsider with an agenda.

Enjoy this video interview and PLEASE be sure to leave you Facebook comments below … oh and Feel Free to share this video with others!

All Good Wishes,

Michael Krisa aka That Interview Guy®


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