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2007-01-30 10:17:00

'Discover Columbus,' Blog

The RealTown Community is a place where real estate professionals gather and share information about the industry and about technology. Blogs play an increasingly important role in the overall landscape of real estate Web 2.0. RealTown is proud to present a Blog of the Day award to bloggers in the real estate community. To submit a nomination for Blog of the Day, e-mail the blog name and URL for consideration.

RealTown Blogs is a growing segment of the RealTown Community, and many of today's leading and accomplished bloggers started right here. RealTown's first Blog of the Day award goes to:

Discover Columbus Blog

Maureen McCabe e-PRO, GRI
HER Real Living
Worthington OH. 43085

Maureen McCabe's Discover Columbus blog is a shining example to other "place bloggers" looking for market focus. A "place blog" is a new category of real estate blog that focuses on a city and neighborhoods.

Maureen launched this blog as "Columbus Best Blog" in August, 2005, with large measures of uncertainty and trepidation that she quickly cast aside as she started to write about all things Columbus. She asked a lot of questions, took advice and counsel from other bloggers, and shared her knowledge with novice bloggers in the online RealTown BlogTalk Community.

Maureen McCabe was the first blogger to refer to me as the "Real Estate Fairy Blogmother." I had the pleasure and the privilege of writing the very first comment on this blog. Inside of a year, Maureen earned recognition as one of the Top 10 Women Real Estate Bloggers by the talent scouts at Sellsius Blogs. In the meantime, she has launched two other blogs and become "triblogular," and added another word to the Blog lexigon.

I am personally delighted to have the honor of presenting Maureen McCabe her Blog of the Day award as she continues to display kind and generous citizenship in the blogosphere.

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