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2010-10-11 17:15:44

Detroit Mayor Facing Uphill Task Trying to Shape a Blight-free Future for the Ci

<p>Mayor Dave Bing of <a href="">Detroit</a> is facing an  uphill task trying to shape a blight-free future for the city. One of the worst  pockets is Brightmoor. Dennis Talbert is heading an organization trying to  bring back stability to this area. He lives in a modest bungalow but before  reaching his home, Talbert has to pick his way through weeds, trash, eerie  looking nine vacant buildings, piles of car tyres, mounds of rags and broken  furniture  among other rubbish like dirty  diapers, empty bottles and plastic bags.</p>
<p>But Talbert is optimistic as he said, “You  have a lot of vacant facilities. You have a lot of burned out facilities. But  you have these pockets where people have been for a long time and take care of  their <a href="">property</a>. They love their property, and they consider Brightmoor home and  they're never going to move.”</p>
<p>The mayor too is optimistic. He has secured  $20 million from the federal <a href="">government</a> and is going ahead with a programme to  bring back vigour into localities that are dying. Nearly 10,000 vacant units  that are posing danger will be razed to the ground. Meanwhile many foundations  like Kauffman, Skillman, Kresge and others have come forward with millions for  creating jobs and rescuing schools among other ventures aimed at bringing back  health to these ailing pockets.</p>
<p>The task of transforming Detroit is  monumental. There have been many failures in the past that may be discouraging.  Success has been few and far between. Detroit is the 11th largest city of  American and is urgently in need of victories – however modest.</p>
<p>There has been an en masse exodus from  Detroit. The city, covering 139 square miles had been constructed to  accommodate 2 million people. The number could now be less than 800,000. The  city is plagued with joblessness, poverty and illiteracy as well as murder and  crime.</p>
<p>The public schools are academically and  financially tottering. By next June the state will be shutting down 44 schools  to make up for a budget deficit of $219 million.</p>
<p>Despite this grim scenario Bing has managed  to dodge <a href="">bankruptcy</a> for Detroit. He presented a budget what brings down the  deficit by over $300 million to $85 million. Meanwhile he battles the biggest  union in the city over lay offs and pays cuts.</p>
<p>Bing is proud of his dream. He said, “When  I imagine Detroit's future, I see a city with vibrant neighborhoods, with  retail and grocery stores, a city that's home to thriving small businesses,  better mass transit and community parks and green space. But it will take all  of us to make that happen and it's a process that will not happen overnight.”</p>

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