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2008-01-23 08:01:00

Cutting Edge Real Estate Analysis Software for Investors

In today's fast-paced and risky real estate market an investor doesn't have time to waste looking at deals that don't make sense. They need to know which ones work - and which don't. Realty Analytics LLC has launched the Instant Analyst, real estate analysis software designed to offer a powerful and easy to use system that quickly gives the user a wide range of information about a potential acquisition.

This software quickly figures cash flows, closing costs, break-even points, how much to spend on renovations, and numerous ratios that bankers and investors find indispensable in analyzing an investment property. In addition, the software has graphs and a clever window that provides helpful assessments and observations about the proposed investment property in plain language.

It's quick, it's accurate, and has enough user-controlled variables that even a novice can analyze a complex transaction in just minutes. There is a context-sensitive help system that covers everything you ever wanted to know, and takes you step-by-step through the entire process.

Instant Analyst is the company's entry to the marketplace, but it also offers Realty Analytics 2008, a comprehensive and exceptionally well thought-out analysis package that culminates in a well-written and bank ready business plan.

The full package is highly analytical and allows for complex mortgage structures, fixed and variable expenses, and produces a cadre of reports that would give even the most ardent banker pause.

For those looking for a fast, easy and affordable way to analyze a real estate investment, they should try the Instant Analyst. Investors and realty pros who need to know the deal from the inside out may consider the full version for access to more decision-making data..

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