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2011-01-24 23:53:17

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Hello Good Negotiators

Many negotiators think that they can generate momentum toward a settlement by their energy and enthusiasm.

Be careful. That's rarely a good strategy.


Curb Your Enthusiasm


Don't appear too enthusiastic during negotiations.

Over-enthusiasm can encourage skilled opponents to rethink their strategy, demand more or hold out longer. A better approach might be to become more reserved. Simply, curb your enthusiasm.

It works both ways. If you are in a negotiation and the other side is not responding to your proposal, recognize this could be a tactic. Don't provide enthusiasm and give concessions just to cheer them up.

On the other hand, many salespeople want to be liked and will often give away information, money or other concessions if they think that their customer (that's you) is not responsive or excited.

That's curbed enthusiasm working for you.

Now I'm not advocating that you pout or start a pity-party, but guarding your actions and word choice can set a more desired tone.

For example, avoid saying something like, "This is exactly what I'm looking for. I really like this model."

Now some people, including me, tend to give compliments as a standard practice, even if not warranted. That may be a very kind and encouraging thing to do, but not during a negotiation.

Substitute a more reserved comment such as, ""Well, it may not be exactly what I'm looking for but I might be interested if the price is right".

Final thought, watch your body language. That can often convey enthusiasm just as clearly as the spoken word. Don't just watch what you say or how you say it. Watch what you communicate.

Remember, good negotiators know how to curb their enthusiasm. Make that work for you as you KEEP Negotiating!

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