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2010-06-23 22:18:41

Create and Market Your Brand: Part 3

Opportunities to speak in public - from informal breakfast meetings to major keynote addresses - can be golden opportunities for you to let more people know about your real estate expertise, accomplishments, activities or opinions.   

Depending on the audience and topic, it is possible that reporters or editors from the local, business and trade press will be in attendance, or that the event's organizers will send out a news release about your remarks.  Indeed, you may want to work with the organizers to prepare and distribute your own news release to publicize your appearance, or send out a follow-up release summarizing your speech.

Why?  Because news coverage about your speech can help ensure what you have to say will be communicated to a much larger audience.

To help guide you through the process of creating and promoting your brand, I’ve prepared a series of short videos on the topic, based on a workshop I conducted for the California Association of REALTORS®.

This week, I share with you advice and insights on how to promote your brand by delivering effective presentations. You’ll learn how to feel comfortable speaking to any audience, why you should never arrive on time to deliver a speech and the best way to prepare for presentations. 

If you cannot see the video above, please click here:

Edward Segal, RCE, is the author of the Profit by Publicity series of live and online classes, audiobook and how-to-reference guide for real estate agents and brokers.  Segal was the marketing strategies columnist for The Wall Street Journal’s, a PR consultant to more than 500 clients and press secretary to members of Congress.   He is now CEO of the Marin County Association of REALTORS® in San Rafael, Calif.  Visit his Web site at


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