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2008-08-08 20:22:32

Create an Impressive Property Listing for your Website

Great property pictures and descriptions can by default make your listings more impressive and encourage your visitors into making contact for further information.

Do your listings offer a walk score?

Do your listings offer a panoramic street tour?

Are your listings map pinpointed?
Walk Score

Walk Score is a free tool from that calculates a score based nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc.

A walk score of 90–100 represents a Walkers' paradise with all main amenities close at hand. On the other hand a walk score of 0-24 means there are no amenities close at hand and probably the most walking you will do is to your car. This is great information for buyers that want to be close to schools, restaurants, cinemas etc. Also Great for home buyers who are looking for that "away from it all" retreat.

Google Street View

A panoramic street tour is a free offering from Google thats sure to blow the socks off your visitors. Using real imagery your visitors are able not only to see your houses but walk up and down all the streets.

This allows potential buyers to inspect the neighborhood surrounding your properties from the comfort of their own home. This product has three great benefits to the real estate agent:

Many of the houses that are to be discounted because of area can be discounted at this point without the agent having to show the property.

It keeps the buyer on your site longer viewing more properties. This heightens the chances of that buyer finding the perfect property and making contact.

When the buyer does call he is far more qualified and may even produce a shortlist of property's he wishes to view saving the real estate agent time matching available property's to the buyers criteria.

Pinpoint your Property's Location

Google maps is an interactive service offered by Google that allows the user to quickly view a large area surrounding the property. Google maps can be easily mashed up with your featured or MLS Listings to produce an informative map that can pinpoint the location of a single property or multiple property's within a local.

The benefit of this to the visitor is that property's can be found visually rather than via a search box.

Putting it all together

An example of what a listing looks like can be seen here

About the author

This article was written by Chance Hoggan who is the webmaster for Colorado Preferred Properties
a real estate company that specializes in Denver Real Estate.


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