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2007-06-20 14:26:00

'Confessions of a Real Estate Columnist'

I've Heard It All and So Should You: Confessions of a Real Estate Columnist by Edith Lank

"How many houses should we see before we make a decision?"

"Who is Fannie Mae and has she published any books?"

"Can you tell me how to be a FSOB?"

The answers to many real estate questions like these are clear to most experienced agents, but agents and consumers alike have been reading Edith Lank's syndicated newspaper column for many, many years.

Lank's style is homespun wisdom and knowledge that she dishes out with generous dashes of humor and wit. She covers it all -- buying and selling real estate, mortgages, law, and taxes.

Edith Lank is a real estate broker, author of real estate license textbooks in New York and New Jersey, and a respected member of the Real Estate Educators Assn. and the National Assn. of Real Estate Editors.

Edith Lank wins plaudits from all corners of the real estate industry."This book makes you think -- you''' be amazed by what you know, you'll be amazed by what you don't know, and you'll be stunned by what consumers don't know." -- Frank Cook, author of 21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me

"Edith's down-to-earth personality comes through in her writing. Becaiuse {this book] gives valuable advice, it will serve to reinforce agent knowledge and help in dealing with buyers and sellers." -- William Pivar, author of The Big Book of Real Estate Ads: 1001  Ads That Sell and Lower Real Estate Letters.


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