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2008-03-05 12:33:00

Concrete Pavers: Springtime Remodel for Patio, Pool, Driveway

Photo courtesy of Tile Tech PaversGet ready for spring by repaving your patio or pool deck with decorative concrete pavers, also known as paving stones. Pavers offer a gorgeous alternative to traditional concrete and tiled hardscapes, and their use continues to grow dramatically in both residential and commercial markets.  

More and more builders, designers and homeowners are choosing concrete pavers because of the numerous benefits that they offer. From old world style to today's modern trends, there are hundreds of design options available when it comes to paving your entryways, walkways, driveway, patio, pool deck and much more.

During installation, pavers interlock together to form a patterned surface which can be put into service immediately. There is no more waiting around for concrete or grout to dry. Another big benefit of pavers is that they can be removed and re-installed, which reduces future service interruptions. There is no need to replace the entire patio or driveway, saving both time and money. They are also great for more commercial uses such as for streets, sidewalks and airport runways.

Pavers can be selected to complement the stone or facade on the building. Pavers can have different colors and textures to add interest or separate areas. For more design ideas visit our online concrete paver photo gallery.

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The site excels at connecting buyers with local contractors in their area through its Find a Concrete Contractor service. The service provides visitors with a list of decorative concrete contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada, and is fully searchable by 23 types of decorative concrete work and 202 regional areas throughout North America.

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