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2009-02-13 22:09:51

Compass Internet, US Bank Announce “Sales Stimulus Plan”


It doesn’t take a government proclamation to know that the Internet is where 84% of all residential real estate sales begin today, or that 92% of Internet buyers find their agent through a major search engine.
Unfortunately, however, the prolonged economic slump in the real estate business has many agents delaying key marketing decisions and otherwise holding on with every resource they can muster to get through this recession. Besides being demoralizing, this also delays recovery for those agents who cannot budget the funds to put CompassSearch to work for them and enable them to start on the path to becoming an Internet realtor.
When this happens, the agents cannot develop the new source of leads that the Internet produces, nor can they adapt their sites to be found under specialties that are really hopping right now: things like Short Sales and Foreclosures.
That’s why Compass and U.S. Bank have teamed up to provide the credit and the flexibility for ANY agent to start becoming an Internet realtor NOW, and to delay payment until they can budget it comfortably. Simply by choosing the tick box “Special US Bank Credit Card Program” on the CompassSearch subscription form, the client will be assigned a real PERSON at US Bank to guide them through the easy documentation that will enable the bank to approve them for the program—on either a corporate or personal basis; whichever serves the client the best. 
Once approved, the entire cost of the subscription is placed on the newly issued credit card and the client chooses repayment terms as they go along that are convenient for them. A minimum payment of about $75-100 a month is all that need be spent  or the client  can pay any amount they like in excess of that minimum payment, for as long or as short as they choose. If they should close a nice escrow, they may pay down the entire balance, if things are slow, they can simply pay the minimum—it’s just another way that Compass lets the agent choose what suits them best and what helps them most. Not every agent will qualify for this program, but those with good credit will.
Compass guarantees that every client will sell at least one home during the initial one year term of their subscription because of the subscription or they must provide service FREE until the client does sell that property; many Compass clients sell many homes from their websites annually and just about every one sells at least one.
This program is designed to get agents involved in becoming Internet realtors NOW, when the work will do them the most good, but to pay for it later. If an agent has no website, Compass will provide one—again—on the same terms as the subscription; pay when you decide to, when you can conveniently do so.


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