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2011-04-02 04:43:30

Checklist for Building a New Home

Home buying could be very tiring as well as a rewarding thing.  Aside from the fact that it's a huge investment on our part, we would also spend our entire life with it.  So, we want to make sure this is the dream home that we ever hope for.

Budgeting issue

Apart from deciding on the location, the type of house, the interiors and the materials, it will all boil down to the budget.  This will determine the process of completing your dream home.  Expect your estimate to be beyond what you can imagine especially when you are on the verge of construction and something comes up, you should be ready to stretch your budget.  Do not limit it to a specific amount you might suffer along the way.  This part, you will begin to seek for pre-approval if you choose to pay it on financing or mortgage.  This includes looking into favorable and attractive lenders.  You would want to have a ball park figure before even looking at every desirable house plan and design.

Floor plan and Design

Then, do you have any idea of what type of house you want to see?  Are you the person who collects pictures of the designs of the house you pass along the road?  Or have you checked out the latest in architectural designs?  Have you came across the real estate and home design magazines lately? You can always check out resources online.  You can even have a clear overview with the 3D designs of some websites.  That way, you can check or drop any designs that you love or hate.  You can sit down with your architect or designer to help you out with the  plans you have in mind.  Picture out the end result of your new dream home.

Space (Land) consideration

After determining the budget and the location, what should be the size of the land?  What are the features you want on your new home?  A spacious driveway and parking lot?  A swimming pool?  A huge backyard space?  A butterfly or flower garden?  This will also affect your decision on the size of your designated house space.   What other improvements you want on the house that would eat up space?  This will form part of your space size consideration.

Employing a Contractor

One important consideration in a desirable and satisfying new dream home would be the choice of your contractor.  Choose a company from the best among the best.  You can choose at least 10-20 of them until you can narrow it down to one or two with your criteria.  Make sure to ask every detail.  Say, the square foot charge, what are the other specifics that might needs additional cost for you to provide a buffer for your budget.

Personalizing your house designs

This is the most exciting thing in building a new home.  Being able to choose what are your paint colors, your dining area, the living room, the individual rooms, the designs of the cabinets and stairs, the color and design of your pool, the roof designs, the tiles collection.  You might want to supervise this stage of the house so you get in touch with the action happening of trying to complete your dream home.


You can always check out online resources on real estate and see samples of new homes that you want to see on your new dream home.

Building your new home could be tedious than you can ever imagine but seeing it slowly getting the picture you are having would be very rewarding.  You will be amazed with how it would come to life.


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