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2008-07-31 22:07:25

A Changing of the Guard at

There is a changing of the guard at InternetCrusade's RealTown® real estate portal. After more than a year of exceptional service, long hours, intense networking and attention to detail, Frances Flynn Thorsen -- better known as "Fran" or the "Fairy BlogMother" to her friends and colleagues -- is relinquishing her title as RealTown's Managing Editor to pursue other endeavors.

InternetCrusade Vice President John Reilly has assumed the role of CEO of RealTown, Inc and Publisher of
"Fran has been instrumental in the success of the latest incarnation of InternetCrusade's RealTown portal  and her skills and enthusiasm will be missed," said Saul Klein, CEO of InternetCrusade and Point2 Technologies. His old-school Navy farewell to Fran: "We wish her fair winds and following seas as she embarks upon the next phase of her life.'

Reilly also had accolades for Fran, based on a daily working relationship starting two years ago. "Fran is an amazingly talented writer and educator whose concern for her audience is reflected in her writings," said Reilly.. "While Fran sheds her responsibility as Managing Editor, we feel confident that Fran will continue to contribute and remain a positive influence in the RealTown Community." Reilly adds this Gaelic blessing derived from their mutual Irish ancestry: "May the wind be at your back."
With respect to the change, Fran said: "I am honored and eternally grateful for the opportunity to help launch the Web-based incarnation of RealTown, the oldest real estate community on the Net. I have been privileged to work closely with three pioneers whose energy and vision paved the way for real estate professionals and new communities throughout the Web. It is time for me to follow a new path of service that gives me more time to devote to the matter of foreclosures and a crisis of conscience that grips our industry.

"RealTown and the incredible staff at InternetCrusade leave me deeply inspired. The wisdom and patience of John Reilly helped me bring my communication skills to a higher level; Saul Klein's passion and optimism are a beacon in an industry that sees so many people battle limiting beliefs; and Mike Barnett leads a tech drive with an intensity that has me wondering if my computer has an immortal soul. I can't wait to see what they do next!"

The change comes at a time when the RealTown portal is experiencing phenomenal growth. The membership recently surged past the 110,000 mark and continues to grow daily.

"While Fran will be missed, we are very excited that John Reilly will be taking the helm at RealTown," Klein said. "John is the most authoritative source in the real estate industry, is an accomplished author and attorney (the classic Language of Real Estate), and has been with RealTown since inception. John and his team will provide the RealTown community with all the support and resources expected by our members."

RealTown® is the oldest and most respected online community in the real estate industry, with its development dating back to 1995.

Here you will find one of the most comprehensive and valuable resources available, a real estate portal with concentration on Content, Context, Collaboration, and Community. Over the years, real estate professionals have contributed nearly 1 million posts to the RealTalk community and other associated communities hosted by InternetCrusade on its RealTown portal.

InternetCrusade® ( is a San Diego-based company that was founded in 1995. Specializing in online publishing, InternetCrusade provides productivity tools and systems for real estate professionals including domains, domain hosting, e-mail systems and hosting, online communities, online voting and surveys. The firm is the exclusive provider of the National Association of REALTORS' e-PRO® Technology Certification Program and a member of the REALTOR® Benefits Program.

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