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2011-08-23 21:05:10

Cell Tower Lease Joint Venture

Have an existing or soon to be installed cell tower or rooftop cell site?
Want the lease income, but don't want to take all the risk of possible
lease termination? How about a joint venture? May be the best of all

A cell site joint venture may look something like this and have some

A cellular acquisition firm that specializes in cell site management would
offer to purchase one half of your equity. They would negotiate the terms
of the JV, such as the cell site easement size, rights of way and future
rent sharing. For this they would receive some of the rent, but be taking
the risk that if the cell site lease is canceled that they would lose their
entire investment.

The benefits are numerous and may be what you've been looking for.
Having a professional management team, that has as much to gain or
lose as you do is a good thing.

Most cell site lease payments are what I refer to as 'free money', that is
to say, most site owners were approached to have a cell site located on
their property, said yes and now receive monthly or yearly income. 'Free
money' or 'found money' if you prefer. Consider yourself very lucky.
Remember, sometime it is smart to take some of your chips off the table,
guaranteeing yourself a sizable profit.

For some of you, that is not the case. You may have done your
homework, fought with the zoning department, haggled with contractors,
borrowed a lot of dough and put up an expensive cell tower and were
successful at enticing a cellular carrier or two to locate on your
structure. Congratulations! That was nor is not 'free money' and many are
not successful.

One of the long term advantages of a management team as a partner is
that they know the ins, outs and what is happening virtually all the time.
Who is talking about merging with who or what new technology is on the
horizon and how it would affect your cell site.

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