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2012-04-10 21:54:32

Can you make the shift in Real Estate?

The world of real estate has felt the impact of a “new normal” but the lending industry, tied to the ebb and flow of money and home sales, continues to adjust to new restrictions, new requirements and new legislation.

There is one requirement that rarely changes and that is the consistent consumer demand for top professionals in both fields to assist them in the process of transferring housing from one party to another.

After interviewing top agents and loan originators around the country, the trusted partnership concept still prevails.  More transactions close successfully when there exists a solid alliance of an agent and a loan originator who work together to create a stellar service experience.  These services include using tools, systems and communication platforms that help agents close more sales and loan originators place more loans.

There are several great examples of how the right tools can help to pump up the best overall service experience for buyers and sellers:

·    Real estate has become a paper-hungry, file-stacking, duplicate-paper making nightmare.  If you fax or scan and send documents in your real estate practice, consider using a tool to make it easy and fast.  Scanning can make your life so much easier while saving you serious time and money.  A small but powerful scanner will allow you to create better than original images of all your documents, scan high-volume contracts, disclosure, and financial information all with the touch of a button.  If your documents need to be delivered to more than one e-mail address or phone number, get one that offers these features.   You’ll be amazed by the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of this high-tech scanner tool. When you automate more of your process you‘ll provide a better service model than your competition. Offering the best of high tech, high speed, and high volume, scanning is a simple and powerful way to get those stacks of paper off your desk and to help you and your lender partners help you provide the best real estate experience for happy customers. 

·     Most lending institutions are no longer fans of faxing, but prefer the scanning of documents instead.  For smaller jobs, choose an all in one type of printer/scanner to do the job. Choose one that will multi-task with scanning, printing and faxing with a wireless features.  You will be able to transmit documents directly to your lender’s processing department saving time and being green in the process.  More importantly with the explosion of the use of iPhones and iPads, the wireless options make it easy to fax or send information from anywhere and anytime.   

·     Brochure boxes help agents get properties sold but only if the quality of both the photos and information provide high engagement and a “wow” pictorial experience. Choose a camera that provides high quality color with ink that doesn’t run or smear.  Add your lender information for easy pre-qualification and your brochure now helps you help make the sale.

·    Do you work with short sales?  This type of transaction requires an enormous number of documents to complete the package.  Use a tool that offers multiple sending requirements for the diverse short sale transaction.  A good scanner will scan to multiple destinations at the touch of a button, including those irregular and long pages like some contract forms, and deliver up to 1,000 pages per day.  At a time when efficiency and cost effectiveness are important, having an easy to use tool helps agents and loan originators get the job done right!

·    Go paperless!  Smart agents are loading all of the closing documents and saving them on a simple and safe CD of scanned documents. Protect the content of your files with digital images to save paper and time.  No more bulky closing packets that can get damaged or lost. 

 Tighter lending restrictions create a terrific opportunity for agents and loan originators to work together.  Offer to make the process of buying and selling seamless and easy to best serve your customers and make more sales.


Terri Murphy is a licensed Real estate broker, author, speaker, communication consultant, and e-Strategist.  She is the author of 5 books, including one with Donald Trump. She is the Pres. of MurphyOnRealEstate as CIO of U. S. Learning in Memphis.  email:

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