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2007-03-01 09:00:00

Buyer Advocacy Finds Voice in RealTown Blog of the Day

Lenn's Blog
Lenn Harley
Germantown, MD

Lenn Harley's Blog is a veritable encyclopedia of information for home buyers.

Lenn's Blog serves up a fix for statistical junkies who like to track real estate market trends, and a bounty of useful information for buyers. Her soft-edge photos and delicious maps take an otherwise bland template and bring it to life!

Buyers who are looking for exclusive buyer representation with no strings to sellers will find all the evidence they need in this blog that they have found a real estate professional who knows this business inside out! Not one to "dabble" in viral technology, Lenn's blog links to Lenn's Home Buyer's Guide for Maryland and Virginia and to her TV connection.

Lenn Harley has been a perennial favorite in the RealTown Community listserv network. The wisdom, wit, and advocacy long admired and cherished by her peers has a good home in the blogosphere. We are hoping to give that voice an even larger audience on our articles pages in the days ahead.

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