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but also has no to say more what

college. As for she why be dressed in weird?She knows that her own appearance shows off too much, jewelry so figured out such a way,earrings hid to go to dazzling silver hair and peculiar silver Mou with this weird robe. "Is here?"Ye Zhi knows that the absolute being talks airtight curse will definitely carry out, women's sweaters hence took a look to the surroundings. On entering that city gate, see three booths,necklaces the booth hangs three horizontals respectively above-the left side:The physics fastens to register a point;In the center:The sorcery fastens to register a point;The right side:The knowledge fastens to register a point.Leaf Zhi looking at these three booths, the booth of the left side and in the center,wholesale jewelry the persons all rounded several layers, very crowded;And most the booth of the right side a person then also have no, only a kindly old man is signed to there. The leaf Zhi absolute being reads a to move,jewelry it is the day that this evil force college schools begins to immediately understand today. Card strange Er Si, let let's become classmate. Ye Zhi thoughts of here, not from smile.Probably and so of arrange also quite good.However,fashion jewelry words like this, oneself the chooses what?The 2 that took a look huge crowd register a point,day dresses she didn't hesitate, direct to that registering of no one's some Duo past.She is to don't know the occupation system that reaches a good mainland,rings but regardless is a sorcery or a swordsmanship, her none of levels was the level here, but lord absolute being above level, not demand again cultivate these.Want to be not that sad.But those two fasten of the person is so many, protect to prohibit which oneself of the appearance frighten who.After all this race on the mainland doesn't have silver hair silver Mou. "How are you, old Sir, here is the knowledge fastens of register some?"Leaf Zhi arrives at that most registering of the right side point, ask very politely. "Yes, do you want to register?"The old sees her clothing weird, but also has no to say more what. "H'

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