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2011-10-27 11:54:05

Boston Advertising: Boston Apartment Portal: Let us rent your property fast.

If you want to rent fast. Property Wikia is focused on being the largest real estate portal in the world.

List your properties to rent for no cost. We want your listings. In todays budget more and more people are turning to the web to rent.

Please click the banner to list your property for free.

Henry 1-603-988-5057 is the top paid advertising site. This is ther actual ad. What is easier free or paid advertising?

Individual classified ads (without web pages/per apartment) are only $10 for 6 weeks for  individual landlord ads (12 weeks for property for sale listings)! Pictures are an additional $15 per ad (total $25). This option is for individual small landlords and persons needing to sublet/rent their whole apartments (with the permission of their landlords!) To place an individual no broker's fee advertisement, click here. You may renew your ad with an email for FREE until it rents. 

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