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2007-10-17 19:40:00

Blogging Effectively - Build Consumer Loyalty and Minimize Risk

Editor's Note: We found this photo of Doug on Facebook ;-)Blogging has become increasingly important in the real estate industry as more consumers are demanding more information through online communication. Generation Y represents the second largest demographic behind the Baby Boomers. Gen Y are also internet savvy and represent tomorrow’s future first time home buyers. Effective communication using blogging will build consumer loyalty by meeting the needs of the online consumer and differentiate those brokers and REALTORS® who are marketing themselves online.

The course is broken into nine sections:

  1. Learn what a blog is and why it is important to communicate to consumers using this online social media. This will include demographics, statistics and trends in real estate home buying and selling.
  2. Position yourself as the expert by posting useful information that will help build customer relationships, structure knowledge base in organized format, and receive useful feedback from customers to provide higher quality service.
  3. How blogs differentiate between other communication media and examples show other real estate professionals around the country that are using blogs to help consumers retrieve information.  There will be a five-minute exercise to help students create posts for quality content.  Learn how to handle comments by consumers responsibly.
  4. Learn the intangible characteristics of a blog that include voice, personality, links, conversations, frequency, and how to use RSS feeds to personalize the blog and deliver communication on a consistent and personal level.
  5. How to categorize blog entries so that consumers can find relevant information to meet their specific needs.  Also, learn other ways to send out information that will direct consumers to their specific entry.  Small groups will write down their categories that are specific to their business.  Discuss which favorite links to include so consumers have additional resources to the blog.
  6. Insert tags in blog entries so consumers searching for relevant information to the specific journal entries will be able to find them.  Small groups of five will discuss which ones they will use specific to their business.
  7. Become aware of certain risks that result from blogging.  Awareness of these risks will help them connect with consumers in a positive way.  Discuss how blogging can affect their business and how to avoid common risks.
  8. Learn ethical issues that arise from blogging and how to embrace diversity, fair housing, avoid stereotypes, and follow the code of ethics.  Small groups will discuss some ethical challenges they may face when blogging. 
  9. Students will learn how to embed pictures and video into their blogs so that the consumer has a better experience viewing the blog.  The process will involve inserting pictures, filming videos, uploading to YouTube, and posting to the blog.

This will be available in 2008 for companies and associations to offer to their members through Devitre Holdings, LLC., an accredited real estate school in Missouri.

(Doug Devitre e-PRO, ABR, GRI, CRS, PMN, SRS, Devitre Holdings, LLC.,, 1213 Oakleaf Dr., St. Louis, MO 63119. 

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